The original SimuroSot includes Middle Size and Large Size categories. Their main objective is to allow researchers to develop control algorithms and team strategies without the need for complex and costly hardware setup. Teams are encouraged to use the simulation platform for the evaluation of their algorithms and eventually to participate in the Middle League MiroSOT which is exposed to real-world conditions.

sub category

  • Autonomous Drone Simulation
  • Autonomous Car Race Simulation

Tested minimum local hardware requirements for the simulator are:

● CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-5257U CPU @ 2.70GHz
● GPU: Intel® Iris 6100
● RAM: 8 GB
● Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
● ROS Noetic

The team.


Azrol Hisham Bin Mohd Adham (PSIS)


Asmarizan Binti Mat Esa (KK MASJID TANAH)
Eddyzulham Bin Abu Bakar (PSAS)
Wan Ahmad Hilmi bin A Rahim (PSP)