AI Bot

AI bot

Artificial Intelligent Robot (AI-Bot) Was derived from the Robosot category. This category aims to allow researchers to explore robotic autonomous control development through the Robot Operating System (ROS) platform which offers lower development costs with vast support from the robotic community across the world.

sub category

  • AiBOT Voice-Command Challenge 
  • AiBOT Parking Challenge

AiBOT Voice Command Challenge:

The robot is required to complete tasks by understanding Voice Commands, entering 2 room missions, and following a person in the fastest time.
Open category robot using ROS (Robot Operating System), LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), and SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping).

AiBOT Voice Command Challenge Field

AiBOT Parking Challenge:

The robot needs to race autonomously to complete 2 parking missions in the fastest time. Robots must operate in autonomous mode using vision recognition systems and should not be remotely controlled. All teams must use the ROBOTIS TurtleBot3 Burger platform.

AiBOT Parking Challenge Field


The team.


Khairun Syatirin Bin Md. Salleh (PPD)


Adibah binti Ahmad (PIS)
Ahmad Zulfaqar Aqwa bin Abu Bakar(PSIS)
Rohana Binti Hasan (PIS)
Mohamad Farif Bin Jemili (PTSS)