The FIRA MyBOT Youth serves as a platform designed for secondary school students, offering a distinctive chance to grasp the essentials of robotics. Emphasizing fundamental problem-solving strategies, system development, testing, and debugging, the program is now revamped this year. MyBOT has been rebranded as MyBOT Youth, concentrating entirely on nurturing programming, coding, and control skills among secondary school students. With the guidance of higher education students as mentors, this shift aims to foster a more focused learning experience. Through this platform, students can enhance their psychomotor skills and problem-solving abilities, aligning with their academic knowledge.

sub category

  • MyBOT Tracer
  • MyBOT Soccer 2 vs 2

MyBOT Tracer

Testing the participants' skills in developing a mobile robot automatically using sensors that can move on the provided track and complete the given tasks within the specified time frame while adhering to the competition's rules and regulations.

MyBOT Soccer 2 vs 2

Testing the participants' skills in developing a mobile robot under remote control that can score goals. The robot must stay within the arena and adhere to the competition's terms and regulations.

The team.


Mahdzir Bin Jamia’an (PTSB)


Nor Suwadah Binti Mohamed (PSAS)
Maisatul Akmal Binti Mat Tahir (PKT)
Firdaus Bin Bachok (KK SEGAMAT)
Amir Arief Bin Zainal Abidin (KK KUALA PILAH)
Nur Hafizah Binti Rahim (PIS)
Mohd Zeid Bin Abu Bakar (PSIS)
Fadlilhisham Bin Ahmad (PSP)
Mohamad Annuar Bin Morzuke (PSP)
Noor Azlyn binti Ab Ghafar (PSMZA)