The official version of the rules of the game for AndroSot Challenge is based on the concepts from the HuroCup games. The Challenge games aim to promote the abilities of attack and defense in androids and also consist of several tasks such as dribbling, obstacle avoidance, shooting, trajectory detection, goalkeeping, role arrangement, and positioning control. There are two challenge events in FIRA 2024, the 1st challenge event is Dribble and Attack, and the 2nd challenge event is Free Kick. Some time constraints are redefined, and the scoring points are changed to make the events more competitive.

Robot Weight Range: 600g.
Robot Dimensions: up to 50cm
Robot Control Specifications: Autonomous

sub category

  • Androsot (Free Kick) 
  • Androsot (Dribble and Attack)

The team.


Mohd Zul Fahmi Bin Mohd Zawawi (POLIMAS)


Muhammad Khairi Bin Saad (POLIMAS)
Mohamad Zhahir Bin Mohamad Zulkufli (PTSB)
Ismul Azam Bin Ismail (PUO)